Vehicle Inspections

How certain are you that you’re getting your money’s worth with your secondhand car? The experienced team at A & N Car Factory can provide pre-purchase inspections for used car buyers, to ensure no nasty surprises stop you from getting value for money.

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Logbook Servicing

When buying a new car, the warranty that comes with it protects the driver from a certain amount of unexpected expenses early in the vehicle’s life. To maintain your warranty, it’s required that your vehicle get regular servicing to catch mechanical faults before they affect the vehicle more seriously. While many car dealers will try to insist on their own in-house servicing department conducting these services, the truth is you can take your vehicle to any reputable workshop for the same service, saving you the added expense and inconvenience of returning to your dealership.

Our workshop can conduct logbook servicing on all makes and models of petrol, diesel and LPG vehicles*, including passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. We’ll check over your vehicle for any developing mechanical problems, to give you plenty of notice to have it repaired before it affects your vehicle in a more serious manner. Once the logbook servicing is done, you will drive away safe in the knowledge that your warranty is intact.

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* logbook servicing of LPG vehicles does not include the LPG system itself

Brake Repairs

Your vehicle’s brakes are one of your most important safety features when driving. Bringing your vehicle to a stop when required is practically essential to safe motoring. But the stop-start nature of city driving can take a greater than expected toll on your brakes, wearing them out quicker than most other areas of your vehicle.

We can service your vehicle’s brakes, from replacing worn brake pads, discs or drums. We can also machine discs and drums on-site with our brake lathe, and restore the surface to worn brake discs.

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Suspension & Steering

Most ride comfort and handling issues stem from wear and tear in your suspension and steering. Worn or slack suspension can result in body roll and other comfort issues, and faulty steering systems can lead to ‘play’ in the steering wheel when driving.

We can offer a range of services for your vehicle’s suspension and steering, from replacing worn car springs, shock absorbers and bushes to servicing your vehicle’s power steering and 4×4 systems. We can also provide tyre fitting, balancing and wheel alignment services, maximising contact with the road for optimum traction and handling, while also eliminating tremors in the steering column when in motion.

If you suspect problems in your vehicle’s steering or suspension, talk to one of our staff about an inspection today!

Clutch & Transmission

Problems with your vehicle’s transmission or drivetrain can affect your vehicle’s ability to reach higher speeds or maintain speed while on the road. Unchecked transmission trouble can also result in more extensive damage to your vehicle’s drivetrain, and cause strange noises and smells from underneath the vehicle.

We’re able to check your clutch system for problems, from pedal to hydraulics, and service or replace your vehicle’s manual or automatic transmission. We source only the best in replacement parts from a range of suppliers, ensuring your vehicle’s drivetrain is in pristine condition when you drive away.

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Radiators & Cooling Systems

Keeping your vehicle’s engine cool is imperative to maintaining its good health, and allows it to perform at peak performance for greater power output and fuel efficiency. An overheating engine, by contrast, will quickly pull your vehicle off the road with engine trouble. If your vehicle is overheating, it’s best to pull over immediately before any damage is done to your engine, or very carefully drive to A & N Car Factory for a check of your vehicle’s cooling system.

We can check your vehicle’s cooling system for problems, from replacing damaged radiator or heater units, to switching out faulty thermostats, as well as conducting a coolant flush to remove any clogs or blockages that might be affecting your cooling system’s ability to keep your engine operating smoothly.

If your vehicle has trouble staying cool while on the road, organise an inspection by calling us today!

Engine Repairs

The engine is the beating heart of your vehicle, and keeping it in good condition is vital to getting the most out of your vehicle.

We provide a range of engine related services for all models of petrol and common-rail diesel engines, as well as tractors, mowers and other engines. From reconditioning your engine to clear up corrosion damage, to repairs to your engine’s injection systems, fuel pumps and head gaskets, we’ll have your engine running smoothly again.

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Auto-Electrical and Diagnostics

Vehicles have become more and more sophisticated with the range of sensors, gauges and monitors throughout your vehicle to keep track of its essential systems. But even with these in-built tools, it’s often difficult to diagnose exactly what’s wrong with a vehicle just from warning lights on a dashboard display.

At A & N Car Factory we have the latest in diagnostic scan tools, which allow us to more accurately locate problems in your vehicle, providing for swifter repairs that get you back on the road faster. We can also perform a range of auto-electrical repairs, including the replacement of faulty batteries, starter motors and alternators and more.

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Other Services

A & N Car Factory offers a range of additional services for our customers, including:

  • Courtesy cars for the duration of repairs (bookings essential)
  • Pick-up and drop-off service within the local area (bookings essential)
  • Windscreen repairs and replacement
  • Servicing of problem cars and classic vehicles

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